AB YACHTS are built with the latest generation lightweight materials, advanced composites and special bonding systems, all technologies designed and tested by AB YACHTS that have now become a landmark in the world of yachting. The performances that can be achieved are simply outstanding and unique in their kind.

The propulsion chosen by AB YACHTS is the waterjet, the best propulsion system for boats needing both an excellent performance and a way of life at sea based on comfort and safety. AB Yachts is the first yacht builder to apply waterjets to high performance small boats that also used structural glues studied on purpose.

AB YACHTS are designed to perfectly combine two main market requirements: maximization of the internal volumes available with the ease of management of a pleasure yacht, making AB YACHTS versatile and suitable for many needs.

A key point of AB YACHTS is the complete customization of all its models: from subdivision to outside and interior furniture. This enables AB YACHTS owners to see their wishes come true and fully experience yacht ownership.

Fleet range

Stylish and modern with breath-taking performance